Puma FUTURE Match NC Goalkeeper Gloves

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Elevate your goalkeeping with the PUMA FUTURE Match Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves, engineered for unparalleled hand mobility and enhanced support, mirroring the precision of goalkeepers' taping techniques. These gloves are a testament to innovation, featuring tailored support through varying elasticities and material thicknesses, optimizing each glove section for peak performance.

Key Features:

  • Elite Grip and Durability: The gloves boast a Supersoft 3mm latex palm, ensuring both excellent grip and long-lasting wear.
  • Precision Fit: With a negative cut design, these gloves offer a snug, close-to-the-skin feel, enhancing ball control and touch.
  • Comfort and Flexibility: A textile material construction provides supreme comfort, while the latex backhand ensures flexibility, augmenting the power of punches.
  • Enhanced Ball Contact: The thumb wrap feature extends latex contact with the ball for improved grip and control.
  • Secure Closure: A full-length latex strap guarantees a secure, comfortable fit around the wrist.
  • Material Composition: Shell made from 100% polyester for durability, with a 100% latex backhand for flexibility.
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