Kwik Goal Rebounder CRF-1

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From the backyard to the practice field, this rebounder is ideal for enhancing first touch and reaction time. This rebounder features a black, steel frame with a polyethylene net that attaches with bungees. The rebound surface features an adjustable angle and center target for more precise training. Weighing just under 12 lbs., transportation of this rebounder is very easy. For safety purposes, four (4) “J” style anchors are included.

What is included: 

2.4mm, 1 ½” mesh, black, HTPP net with center target 
Net attachment bungees 
4 each “J” style anchor pegs

Product Specs:

42” x 42” face 
47 ½” x 47 ½” outside frame 
Depth : 24” – 41” depending on angle used